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Document Management

Back office storage for all of your mission critical documents.

Document Management

Whether you need Individual Lot Specific Plan Sets or permit sets, our modl cloud-based platform delivers you the back office storage for all of your mission critical documents.   This also makes it simple to recycle and reuse former plans, or simply have a place to review previous work. We can keep your documents safe and secure and you’ll have access whenever you need it. 

Everyone has a Dropbox or SharePoint account, but do they sync together? Does all of your documentation live in one specific platform? Having everything in one cloud-based platform gives your entire team instant access when they need it most, whether it’s a sales rep during a pitch or a project manager on the job site.  You could build your own for a quarter million dollars and have your own all-in-one cloud server platform. But that is expensive and difficult to maintain, which is why we built our own.  So that you can have rock solid storage solutions at a fraction of the costs of building your own.  When it comes to document management, we help you organize your entire project.  You can have your model, your permit sets, your bill of materials, etc. all in one place, accessible wherever you are.

This is powerful, especially if you don’t have a model home that you can walk through. We can actually help your sales reps get access to all the 3D rendering and allow you to be able to showcase and spin them around for your potential customers. This helps us work together as a team to keep everything that you have for that project organized from start to finish.