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Modeling & Detailing

When you want to see every detail, call modl.

Modeling & Detailing

With modeling and detailing in 3D, it’s really up to you. How far do you want to go with it? Whether you’re an individual homeowner, or a regional or national builder, you are really building that home two times. When you work with us, we’re going to build it the first time for you, to truly show you the house that you’re getting with a true walkthrough of the inside.

This helps us find and identify any potential problems at that initial stage which allows us to determine and resolve any conflicts. Because as you know, once we get to the field and there’s an issue, it’s oftentimes too late. Construction has stopped. Engineers have come in play. Now the back charges start adding up, and the interest clock is ticking along. And if you’re building this house multiple times, constantly fixing the same problem in the same house is the definition of insanity.

So our team identifies the issue and solves it right from the start. Because we’re prototyping it by a 3D rendering for you, we can walk through the model in 3 dimensions and have our engineers involved in the process the entire time. When you get into the true detailing phase of things, and have more consistency when building your house. Do you want your light switches all at the same place? Would you like your framing packages to all be built so that your stud spacing is exactly lined up underneath every floor trust? Maybe you want your corner blocking to be the same? These are all examples of things that we can help model so that you are ready to provide exact specs on site, with much lower waste.

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